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About Us


BHS employs a multi-disciplinary staff comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, therapists, counselors and case managers.  It has been the experience at BHS that having a variety of staff disciplines and philosophies working together enhances the range and quality of care provided.

BHS provides services in all San Francisco City and County jail facilities seven days a week.  Many facilities have evening coverage and there is BHS staff available 24 hours a day.

The BHS administrative office is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  For more information or to make a referral, please call 415.995.1700.


BHS Accepts referrals from a wide variety of sources.  An inmate may refer himself or herself for evaluation, or concerned family or friends may request BHS intervention.  Most referrals are made by Jail Health Services, the sheriff's department, and the courts.  BHS also accepts referrals from San Francisco Community Mental Health Services and private practitioners.

BHS provides post-release planning through referrals to its Jail Reentry Services (JRS) component.  JRS provides case management services which help clients transition between the jails and the community.

BHS provides its services at no cost to the client, to any inmate in the San Francisco City and County Jail system.

Jail Reentry Services (JRS)

Jail Reentry Services (JRS) is a program component of Jail Behavioral Health Services.  With JRS, BHS is reaching out to a special population--the chronically mentally ill inmate who may also have a concurrent substance abuse problem and who may or may not be connected to community resources.

The goal of JRS is to assist inmates with mental health problems to obtain treatment and social support services in the community upon release from jail.  JRS seeks to extend the continuum of care for these individuals by providing intensive case management as well as initiating therapeutic contacts for individuals who do not have established resources in the community mental health system.

JRS will work with the inmate, the courts, attorneys, probation officers, and community agencies to transition the inmate from the criminal justice system to an appropriate community setting as an alternative to sentencing, as a condition of probation, or upon release from custody.



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